Meet Laura Wyatt


“I remember my mother and my aunt sewing outfits and dresses for me…. later it was only natural for me to begin to sew for myself.”

Originally from the Chicago metropolitan area, Laura has been sewing for most of her life.

With sewing in her background, Laura began a love affair with sewing, stitching up nearly her entire wardrobe. “I enjoy wearing my creations almost as much as I do making them!”

Laura is a Certified Islander Sewing Systems Instructor, member-at-large of the American Sewing Guild and a Trained Sewing Instructor. The Trained Sewing Instructor program, a part of the ASG, was created to encourage more people to become sewing educators. The mission of the Trained Sewing Instructor program is to create excitement about sewing by teaching people how to pass on this skill.

Islander Sewing Systems has unique sewing methods that can cut your sewing time in half while creating a more professional looking garment, all without pins or basting! This system was developed with a keen understanding of garment industry techniques and then adapted for home sewing equipment.

“I am really excited to bring these techniques home to teach,” says Laura. “I know that learning this system has improved my own sewing abilities and I sew more efficiently with professional looking results. I recommend that every home sewist whether you’re just starting out or someone that has sewn for years come see me for a free demo. You’ll be amazed. I know I was.” Many who have seen the free demonstration remark, “I wish I had learned this 30 years ago.”

Come visit Laura at her school or you may arrange for Laura to come to your sewing club, guild or 4-H event. Laura is also available to provide classes at your local sewing machine dealer or fabric store, just have the store owner contact her


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